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title: AwesomeSheep48's Landing # name of the site
author: AwesomeSheep48 # name of site's author
email: # email of site's author
url: # root address of the site
baseurl: "" # subpath of the site, e.g. "/blog" (leave it blank "" if you're site shouldn't use a subpath)
description: > # description of the site (multiple lines allowed)
My small landing page + blog
permalink: /:slug.html
favicon: "favicon.png" # name+extension of favicon (which must be put on the root folder)
#goat_counter: "awesomesheep48" # put your GoatCounter name if you want to use GoatCounter analytics
theme: no-style-please # if you are using GitHub Pages, change it to remote_theme: riggraz/no-style-please
appearance: "dark" # can be "light", "dark" or "auto"
back_home_text: ".." # customize text for homepage link in post layout
date_format: "%Y-%m-%d" # customize how date is formatted
show_description: false # show blog description in home page
style: :compressed
excerpt_only: false
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