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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import gzip
import json
import sys
ipack = json.load(sys.stdin)
cell_fields = (
('coords', 'p'),
('neighbors', 'c'),
('vertices', 'v'),
('border', 'b'),
('height', 'h'),
('feature', 'f'),
('biome', 'biome'),
('river', 'r'),
pack = {}
pack['cells'] = {
'num': len(ipack['cells']['p']),
for k, v in cell_fields:
if isinstance(ipack['cells'][v], list):
pack['cells'][k] = ipack['cells'][v]
pack['cells'][k] = [0] * pack['cells']['num']
for i in range(pack['cells']['num']):
pack['cells'][k][i] = ipack['cells'][v][str(i)]
pack['vertices'] = ipack['vertices']['p']
pack['features'] = {}
for x in ipack['features'][1:]:
pack['features'][x['i']] = x
del pack['features'][x['i']]['i']
pack['rivers'] = {}
for x in ipack['rivers'][1:]:
pack['rivers'][x['i']] = x
del pack['rivers'][x['i']]['name']
del pack['rivers'][x['i']]['i']
with'pack.json.gz', 'wt') as f:
json.dump(pack, f)