Another attempt at an operating system
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Bjoern is (going to be) an object-oriented, high-level operating system. This means that most of the operations are done in a virtual machine, running at the kernel-level, and using object orientation to represent resources and program operation.


Turms is the programming language in which most of Bjoern is (going to be) written in.


OHAL (Object Hardware Abstraction Layer) is Bjoern's kernel, written in C++. It is a kernel-level interpreter for Turms.


GSF (Generic System Framework) is a sort of framework that defines base utilities, and serves as a runtime for Turms and base for writing Bjoern programs.


Ensure you have the necessary dependencies:

  • Meson, Ninja (for building).
  • LLVM, clang, lld (for compilation).
  • QEMU (for testing).
  1. Create a build directory with <src>/tools/setup <arch> [build] [src], with the specified architecture, build directory (defaults to builddir) and source directory (defaults to current directory).
  2. Go in the directory and run meson compile to build it.
  3. Run it in QEMU with <src>/tools/run-qemu <arch> from the build directory.
    1. Set DEBUG=1 to enable debugging via GDB.