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my personal website https://hemk.es/
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{% block title %}Nico Hemkes - professional web developer{% endblock %}
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<a href="https://hemk.es/" title="turbopixel aká Nico Hemkes"><img alt="turbopixel" src="{{ get_url(path="nicohemkes.png") }}"/></a>
<span class="title is-1">@turbopixel</span>
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Hi! I am <strong class="author" rel="author">Nico Hemkes</strong>. I was born and reside in Germany.
I started writing software in 2009 or 2010. Today I work as a software developer in the <em>pet food industry</em>.
My favorite programming languages are PHP, python and golang.
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<a class="link is-nokes" href="https://www.nokes.de/nico-hemkes" target="_self" rel="personal site">Me</a>
<a class="link is-netzware" href="https://www.netzware.net/" target="_self" rel="me author external">Blog</a>
<a class="link is-codeberg" href="https://codeberg.org/turbopixel" target="_self" rel="me noopener noreferrer external">Coding</a>
<a class="link is-matrix" href="https://matrix.to/#/@turbopixel:matrix.org" target="_blank" rel="chat with me">Matrix</a>
<a class="link is-keybase" href="https://keybase.io/turbopixel" target="_blank" rel="my keybase profile">keybase</a>
<a class="link is-xing" href="https://www.xing.com/profile/Nico_Hemkes2" target="_blank" rel="me noopener noreferrer external">Xing</a>
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