A simple 6502 assembler written in Rust
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The most awesomest 6502 assembler you've ever seen in your life!

nyasm is a toy 6502 assembler I made in order to learn Rust. It's currently pretty early on and there will probably be breaking changes in the future. Right now it's in a state where it can successfully assemble a valid NES ROM file, although some features might still be incomplete or missing entirely (including external binary files is possible now, but including other assembly files isn't for example).


nyasm can be built using cargo:

cargo build --release

The resulting binary will appear at target/release/nyasm.


To assemble a file using nyasm, give the input and output filenames to the nyasm binary like this:

nyasm input.asm -o output.nes

You can also pipe data into and out of the assembler without accessing the filesystem directly:

nyasm < input.asm > output.nes