Tiny embeddable scripting language
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Let's make a tiny scripting language, because ... why not.



  • Tiny embeddable script interpreter in under 10k LOC (for comparison, Lua has around 30k LOC) with exception handling, rudimentary OOP features, operator overloading, simple debugger, type safe binding API for C++ and more.
  • Handwritten lexer and recursive descent parser.
  • AST interpreter.
  • There is no main function. A script is a sequence of statements.
  • Strictly single threaded, that's a feature. Of course, it is possible to implement threading/concurrency with a library, but it would be a challenge to make it not-so-crashy.
  • Supports line comments (//) and block comments (/* multiline comment */).
  • All variables must be initialized.
  • It has the following types: null, bool, integer, float, string, function, table and object (C++ object) with optional type hinting.
  • Variables can not change their types, they get their type by initializing them.
  • Number literals: Hex (0x2a), Oct (0o24), Bin (0b101010), Dec (3.1415).
  • Other special literals: null, true, false.
  • Statements: if, switch, for, foreach, do, while, function, try, defer.
  • First class functions, Higher-order functions, Nested functions with lexical scoping and non-local variables (Closures).
  • Strings delimiter is either single or double quotes.
  • All strings can be multiline.
  • String concatenation with the + operator (str = "hello" + " " + "friends!"). String multiplication with the * operator: str = "foo" * 3; // str == "foofoofoo".
  • Raw string literals like C++: str = R"string(this is a raw string anything goes here " ')string".
  • Basic Unicode support
  • Normal strings (i.e. non raw strings) can contain escape sequences.
  • Template literals (delimited with backticks): `string text ${expression} string text`
  • Short-circuit evaluation
  • Operator overloading for tables and C++ classes.
  • Easy way to add custom functions.
  • Easy and type safe binding of C++ classes with functions, properties and operators with optional Garbage Collector for managing the lifetime of C ++ objects.
  • UI library, HTTP library, PostgreSQL client library, Graphics library.
  • Extensible with custom libraries
  • LSP compatible Language Server, works at least with Kate and QtCreator
  • KSyntaxHighlighting definition


AGPL 3.0


  • C++20
  • CMake
  • Catch2, on Arch you can install it with sudo pacman -S catch2
  • Linux
  • ccache (optional)

Some libraries require additional packages.


$ git clone https://codeberg.org/trill/satl.git
$ cd satl
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make


$ sudo make install

On Arch you may want to run CMake with:

$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr

CMake options

  • SATL_ENABLE_ASSERT Enable assert() in Release mode (default ON)
  • SATL_TESTS Build unit tests (default ON)
  • SATL_MATHLIB Build math library (default ON)
  • SATL_OSLIB Build OS library (default ON)
  • SATL_IOLIB Build IO library (default ON)
  • SATL_REGEXLIB Build regular expression library (default ON)
  • SATL_PGLIB Build PostgreSQL client library (default ON)
  • SATL_UILIB Build UI library, requires GTK (default ON)
  • SATL_GFXLIB Build Graphics library, requires stb (default ON)
  • SATL_SAMPLELIB Build sample extension library (default OFF)
  • SATL_INSTALLMAN Install man page (default ON)
  • SATL_READLINE Use readline library (default ON)

Running the tests

When built with SATL_TESTS you can run the tests with the following command in the build directory:

$ make test

When using ninja:

$ ninja test


See the Manual for documentation attached to the Release.


function sub(a, b)
    return a - b;

function doFunc(func, a, b)
    return func(a, b);

// Pass function as named argument
sum = doFunc(sub, 2, 3);

// Inline defined function
sum = doFunc(function(a, b) { return a + b; }, 1, 2);