Servo is a prototype web browser engine written in the Rust language. It is currently developed on 64-bit macOS, 64-bit Linux, 64-bit Windows, and Android.
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skip-check-length = false
skip-check-licenses = false
check-alphabetical-order = true
check-ordered-json-keys = [
lint-scripts = [
# Packages which we avoid using in Servo.
# For each blocked package, we can list the exceptions,
# which are packages allowed to use the blocked package.
num = []
rand = [
"hashglobe", # Only used in tests
"quickcheck", # Only used in tests
# Ignored packages with duplicated versions
packages = [
# Lots of crates to update.
# Duplicated by webrender debugger via ws
# Files that are ignored for all tidy and lint checks.
files = [
# Mako does not lend itself easily to splitting long lines
# Long regexes are long.
# Helper macro where actually a pseudo-element per line makes sense.
# Long encoded string
# Upstream code from Khronos/WebGL uses tabs for indentation
# Our import script is not currently respecting the lint.
# Ignore those files since the issues reported are on purpose
# Python 3 syntax causes "E901 SyntaxError" when flake8 runs in Python 2
# Directories that are ignored for the non-WPT tidy check.
directories = [
# Upstream
# Generated and upstream code combined with our own. Could use cleanup
# Directories that are checked for correct file extension
# directory, list of expected file extensions
"./components/script/dom/webidls" = [".webidl"]