Displays GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass etc.) information obtained from NMEA sources and saves your tracks
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The main view with a GPS fix Logging Expanded satellite SNR view Speedometer and track recording

Satellite is an adaptive GTK3 / libhandy application which displays global navigation satellite system (GNSS: GPS et al.) data obtained from ModemManager or gnss-share. It can also save your position to a GPX-file.




python 3.6+, gi, Gtk3, libhandy, libmm-glib, pynmea2, gpxpy

Installing and running


Download on Flathub

Satellite is in flathub and can be installed from there, or from a software manager like Gnome software. The direct install link is here.


flatpak run page.codeberg.tpikonen.satellite

to execute from the command line.

From source tree

Run the script bin/satellite.

Pip from sources


pip install --user ./

in the source tree root (use pipx instead of pip if necessary).

This creates an executable Python script in $HOME/.local/bin/satellite.

Flatpak from sources


flatpak-builder --install --user build-dir flatpak/page.codeberg.tpikonen.satellite.yaml

in the source tree root to install a local build to the user flatpak repo.


You can start recording a GPX track by selecting 'Record track' from the main menu. The GPX file is saved in $HOME/Documents/satellite-tracks.