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Status: Active Status: Active API Reference

Android App to easily capture medical data. The following values are supported at present:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose
  • Oximetry
  • Weight + Body Fat
  • Temperature
  • Water intake
  • A simple Diary

Key features

The main goal of MediLog is to simplify manual capturing of medical data, basically replacing pen and paper. Hence my focus is on making manual data entry as simple and as quick as possible. It's got some analisys and charting capabilities, but there are surely other tools out there which do this better. This means supporting smart devices is not on my roadmap. Also, I don't plan to cover the whole universe of medical data, but rather provide a solution for cases where the alternatives either don't respect privacy, are full of trackers or simply too complicated.

Guiding principles for MediLog are:

  • Be simple. Allow to capture data as quickly as possible to not get in the way. If you can think of ways to improve the UI, let me know.
  • Be open. Export and import format is a simple CSV, if you can export CSV from your existing application it should be fairly easy to import into MediLog, and of course, import into your new application if you ever wish to move on with your data
  • Be secure. PDF reports and ZIP file backups are password protected, the database is encrypted
  • Be transparent. No data transfers to anyone but the one you choose. No hidden telemetry, no automatic crash logs, etc.
  • In essence, offer approbriate measures to protect data as defined by art. 9 GDPR Processing of special categories of personal data

Awesome Humane Tech


The latest build (signed by me) can be found here Releases

or on IzzyOnDroid

Get it on IzzyOnDroid

or here (signed by F-Droid)…

Get it on F-Droid

Important note: Be careful when mixing downloads from F-Droid with other locations. The F-Droid version is signed with a different developer key which means you will need to delete the existing app when changing. Make sure to backup your data before you change.


Like with all Android applications, via a long click on the app icon.

Uninstalling the application will delete all data! Unrecoverable! Make sure you export your data first!

User manual

Can be found here:

Privacy Policy

Stored data

Data entered by the user is stored inside an encrypted SQLite database.

To keep the input process as simple and fast as possible, the app/your data is not protected with an additional password. If your device has support for Biometric (Fingerprint) make sure to enable it. Otherwise, if someone is able to unlock your device they can access your health data!

The app supports storing backups in encrypted ZIP files. Make use of it by adding a password whenever you create a file or setting a default one in the settings dialog. Don't forget to test (and remember) the password. The app allows to send protected files so you can share over unprotected media (eg. email) reducing the risk of your data getting in the wrong hands.

Required permissions

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Required to export backup files
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Required to import bckup files


No advertising, no hiden tracking. You can however, manually or automatically let me know which tabs you use via the user feedback function.


3rd party libraries in use are the below:



The number of translations is growing quickly. If your language isn't covered, or if you are a native speaker and think your language could be improved, please contact me.

Translation platform:


If you feel like it…

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