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NixOS system configuration for my private machines

Updated 1 week ago

nix-darwin configuration files

Updated 3 weeks ago

Web companion for converting Kanban boards created with taskell into static pages and HTML slides with pandoc, reveal.js and custom styles using the Dracula palette

Updated 1 month ago

Fork of for use as submodule for projects

Updated 1 month ago

Custom stylesheet for Gollum wiki, using colours from the Dracula palette

Updated 1 month ago

These polybar modules use the Mullvad CLI to display details about the VPN connection and the established tunnel and allow to control certain settings from the modules without having to open the Mullvad GUI.

Updated 2 months ago

A polybar module for switching between preset layouts with bsp-layout

Updated 2 months ago

Convert a Python requirements file to a basic Nix shell configuration file

Updated 2 months ago

Python webscraper to extract information about open slots for sport courses at USI Graz

Updated 2 months ago

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Updated 6 months ago