The virtual representation of the mess inside Tommi’s mind [MIRROR]
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date: 2021-10-02T03:00:03+02:00
updated: 2022-04-04T19:37:16+02:00
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Probably it was just me, oblivious, off-social media and absolutely distracted, but season two of <cite>The Morning Show</cite> got back a bit low-key. Not much enthusiasm, a bunch of mildly unsurprising news; by looking at the whole picture, it all just appeared like a different look of the previous season.
Episode 3 is when things start to get interesting and sparkling. That kiss. The spread of the pandemic, plus the getting back of Alex, plus all of the ancient tensions hanging over all of the characters, vulnerable as never before, but this time absolutely unaware of the burden they are carrying. Up to now, the main feeling <cite>The Morning Show</cite> got into me is an overall subtle itchy **fakeness**. Nothing except for money is real: not the job, not relationships, not commitment, not love (maybe?).
What is true?
The complete blurriness behind which this so awed and claimed value lies is a symptom of the growing complexity of our world and, with it, of journalism. The only problem is not that complexity is related to the world in itself, but by the intricate intersection and conflict among those fake purposes which are never clear and always uncertain.