The virtual representation of the mess inside Tommi’s mind
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2021-12-17T10:55:25+01:00 2022-06-22T17:01:57+02:00 geek Some notes about [Piwigo]( 'Piwigo'), a great solution for hosting and storing images. I use it on []( 'Tommi’s visions').

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The problem

Piwigo is wonderful and it has great potential. Nevertheless, its problem is that it is developed quite slowly and by few people. Some parts of the interface are obsolete and very old looking, documentation is not straightforward and simple.

Fundamentally, it is not as popular as it deserves to be.


For the reasons pointed out above, even doing simple tasks as embedding have no default and simple solution.


  1. My current way to embed images is through PiwiShack, a plugin which displays in every image page a menu for different sharing options
  2. An alternative would be embedding with the download_by_size API function:

Useful info:


Still looking for a solution.


Some things I have to write here that I would forget otherwise

  • Change number of photos per page:
    1. Go to user settings
    2. Change the value for number of photos per page