The virtual representation of the mess inside Tommi’s mind
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2020-12-09T01:00:00+01:00 2022-04-08T00:14:21+02:00 [knowledge todo] Learn, To learn Directions to lead my curiosity towards, a.k.a. what I have to learn [/learn/ /to-learn/]

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A private list of knowledge gaps in Now#Studying.


Gaps in knowledge should be covered with the right Knowledge, and remembered with an effective Knowledge management.


  • Israel history
  • Afghanistan history
  • Iraq history
  • Iran history
  • Vietnam War



  1. Data analysis and graphs with LibreOffice
  2. JSON-LD
  3. Learn and use jq
  4. Learn and configure Syncthing
  5. LaTeX
  6. Vim#To learn
  7. Pandoc#To learn
  8. Designing websites with Inkscape / Illustrator
  9. git
  10. Learn Percollate: turning web pages into ebooks.
  11. Cryptocurrencies
  12. Computer History
  13. Improve OpenStreetMap and OSMand knowledge
  14. Rclone
  15. JavaScript
  16. Understanding WhatsApp and Signal backups
  17. Makefile
    1. How to write a self-documenting Makefile
  18. using fzf
  19. The Missing Semester
  20. DigiKam
  21. Darktable
  22. Python
  23. Bash
  24. in-depth CSS learning
  25. Learn EQ