The virtual representation of the mess inside Tommi’s mind
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2020-12-27T06:40:14+01:00 2022-06-22T17:02:34+02:00 [geek todo] Computer related tasks tracking
  1. Server backup - Borg
  2. Images and Storage
  3. Automations
  4. Defining a threat model
  5. Integrate audios, albums and images in log/daily Zettelkasten system (unique images and audios links to be opened)
  6. GiTMI
  7. Setup Matrix server
  8. Scripts
  9. Consistent resume creation (HackMyResume)
  10. Create Mastodon Bots:
    • Club Tenco
    • UniVe
  11. Update Storage and Backup checklist
  12. Cross-environment Tags integration
    • audios: notes containing shared links of files in Cubbit?
    • images: consider collecting shared links of albums in a private Giri, or integrate some sort of authentication wall (as with Flickr currently) in the public one. Does it make sense? Not too much of a waste of time?
  13. Configure and install sensible.vim, to associate keybindings to commands on Vim
  14. Use Hype Machine
  15. Create a CSS framework
  16. MacBook Pro color profile
  17. #geek/idea s
  18. TMI Pics custom CSS

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