The virtual representation of the mess inside Tommi’s mind
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2021-02-04T13:58:44+01:00 2022-03-14T15:01:06+01:00 [wit zen] I am a self editor, I am the editor of myself. false Self editor /self-editor/ [/being-a-self-editor/ /self-editing/ /life-editing/]
Literally, I actually am the editor of myself, since I publish by my own the content I create. In this page, nevertheless, I will be referring to the word “editor” for its cinema meaning.

I have a ton of thoughts, ideas, knowledge which passes through my mind at every instant, and by editing it I mean selecting what to remember, what to write down, what to focus on.

Being the editor of the self means to listen to what our deepest feelings tell us to do about anything we come up with. It means to be selective, exercising to avoid becoming too attached to impressions which in the long term are not very valuable.

As a movie editor must look at every single frame in a perspective which allows him to fit and consistently include it in the whole film, in the same way I need to plan and live every moment as only a part of my entire life, or better, as a very valuable subsection of my time on planet Earth.