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title: Contribute
permalink: /contribute/
ref: contrib
description: If you think this website is useful, insightful, necessary and/or important, you should consider contributing to make it even better!
redirect_from: [/contribuer/,/contribuez/,/n1000/,/contribution/,/contribution-guide/,/contrib/,/l1000/,/l-1000/,/level-1000/,/level1000/]
toc: false
There are several ways to contribute to this website, and any of these is very much appreciated.
- **Spread the word**: chat with friends and colleagues about what is written in these pages, especially in [why](/why 'Why'), pose yourself questions about the topic and form your point of view on the matter
- [**Translate**](/l10n 'Localization page') the websites content
- **Add knowledge**: suggest videos, talks, researches, articles, etc.
- **Improve content**: fix typos, suggest better ways to explain things, report incorrect data or unreliable sources
The last two points can be achieved by forking this websites [repository]( ' source code on GitHub') and opening a pull request, or by opening an issue [on GitHub]( ' repository issues on GitHub') or on [Codeberg]( 'Issues for repository on Codeberg').