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LibreCell - Layout

CMOS Standard Cell layout generator.

Getting started

See install instructions in top-project.

Generate a layout

Generate a layout from a SPICE netlist which includes the transistor sizes:

  • --output-dir: Directory which will be used to store GDS and LEF of the cell
  • --tech: Python script file containing design rules and technology related data
  • --netlist: A SPICE netlist containing the netlist of the cell as a sub circuit (.subckt).
  • --cell: Name of the cell. Must match the name of the sub circuit in the SPICE netlist.
mkdir mylibrary
lclayout --output-dir mylibrary --tech examples/ --netlist examples/cells.sp --cell AND2X1

Adapting design rules

Design rulesi and technology related data need to be encoded in a Python script file as shown in examples/