Fetch FreeBSD ports with parallel connection support and connection pipelining
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Fetch FreeBSD ports with parallel connection support and connection pipelining.

This is an experiment. Use at your own risk.

This is a glue application between libcurl and the ports framework. libcurl does all the heavy lifting. It can be activated by enabling an overlay. It replaces the default do-fetch and checksum targets.

A statically linked binary is available in the overlay to make it easy to use with Poudriere(-devel) as well.


The ports framework does not make use of modern features like HTTP pipelining. All USES=cargo ports fetch most distfiles from a single host (https://crates.io) so could benefit greatly from it. Ports with hundreds of distfiles call fetch(1) hundreds of times and will open hundreds of connections one after the other.

As an example here is a basic time comparison for devel/tokei where instead of opening >150 connections to https://crates.io sequentially, it just opens 1 connection to it and can fetch all crates basically immediately.


Even ports like x11-toolkits/wlroots with only a handful of distfiles can benefit from it.

Default fetch

$ time make -C devel/tokei distclean checksum
       43.86 real         3.52 user         5.04 sys
$ time make -C x11-toolkits/wlroots distclean checksum
       12.28 real         1.25 user         1.81 sys


$ time make -C devel/tokei OVERLAYS=/usr/local/share/parfetch/overlay distclean checksum
        3.24 real         1.24 user         1.22 sys
$ time make -C x11-toolkits/wlroots OVERLAYS=/usr/local/share/parfetch/overlay distclean checksum
        2.79 real         0.85 user         0.85 sys

Configure Parfetch


$ ./configure && ninja


$ ninja install

Local ports setup

Enable the overlay in /etc/make.conf:

OVERLAYS+=	/usr/local/share/parfetch/overlay

Poudriere setup

This requires a Poudriere version with overlay support. For example poudriere-devel.


Make the overlay available to Poudriere:

$ poudriere ports -c -p parfetch -m null -M /usr/local/share/parfetch/overlay


Build devel/tokei and use Parfetch to fetch distfiles:

$ poudriere bulk -O parfetch devel/tokei

Parfetch options

Options can be set in make.conf.


When defined during makesum, distinfo is created/updated but no distfiles are saved to disk. Note that the files are still downloaded completely to checksum them but DISTDIR is left untouched.


When defined during makesum, retain the previous TIMESTAMP in distinfo. This can be useful when refreshing patches that have no code changes and thus do not warrant a TIMESTAMP bump.


This sets the maximum number of simultaneous open connections to a single host.

Default is 1.


This sets the global connection limit. Parfetch will not use more than this number of connections.

Default is 4.