All your games in one place
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GameHub Build status Translation status

Mirrors: GitHub,,,

Unified library for all your games.


GameHub allows to view, download, install, run and uninstall games from supported sources.


GameHub supports non-native games as well as native games for Linux.

It supports multiple compatibility layers for non-native games:

  • Wine / Proton
  • DOSBox
  • RetroArch
  • ScummVM

It also allows to add custom emulators.

GameHub supports WineWrap — a set of preconfigured wrappers for supported games.

Game sources

GameHub supports multiple game sources and services:

  • Steam
  • GOG
  • Humble Bundle
  • Humble Trove

Locally installed games can also be added to GameHub.


GameHub makes storing and managing your DRM-free game collection easier.

Download installers, DLCs and bonus content and GameHub will save your downloads according to settings.


Prebuilt releases can be found on releases page.

Ubuntu-based distros

Install debian package from releases page or use PPA:

# install if `add-apt-repository` is not available
sudo apt install --no-install-recommends software-properties-common

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tkashkin/gamehub
sudo apt update
sudo apt install com.github.tkashkin.gamehub

Arch Linux

gamehub-git and gamehub are available in AUR.

Other packages

See this issue for more information.


Debian/Ubuntu-based distros

Build dependencies

  • meson
  • valac
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • libglib2.0-dev
  • libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev
  • libjson-glib-dev
  • libgee-0.8-dev
  • libsoup2.4-dev
  • libsqlite3-dev
  • libxml2-dev
  • libpolkit-gobject-1-dev
  • libunity-dev (optional, required for launcher icon quicklist, progress indicator and counter; pass -Duse_libunity=true to meson to use)
  • libmanette-0.2-dev, libx11-dev, libxtst-dev (optional, required for gamepad support)


git clone
cd GameHub
scripts/ build_deb

Any distro, without package manager

git clone
cd GameHub
meson build --prefix=/usr --buildtype=debug
cd build
sudo ninja install


git clone
cd GameHub
scripts/ build_flatpak