An NodeMCU based Laser Cat Toy with treats ouput and automatic/manual control mode.
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Pseudo-randomly moves a servo pan/tilt kit with an attached laser for a preselected time. At the end of the specified time, treats are issued. In addition to automatic control, the movement can also be controlled manually via an Website over WiFi.

After switching on, you can select the automatic mode and its operating time (1, 2 or 3 minutes) by pressing the button several times. A long press (> 5 seconds) on the button activates the manual mode. Both modes are indicated by corresponding feedback from the LEDs.

I used the following electronic components:

Servo Pan/Tilt
1x hacked Servo (continous rotation)
3x LEDs
installation socket

Automatic part of program code is based on Lucas Berbessons (LA FABRIQUE DIY) "Laser Tower for the cat". The Manual part is based on a publication by Dual button function by xn1ch1 on

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