Arduino Codes for an ESP32 Weatherstation and different ESP8266 based Sensors.
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Contains several Arduino Codes for a Weatherstation Projekt. Beside displaying Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Weather Forecast, also notifications for Washing mashine and snail mail box will be showed with a RGB-LED (left). The Notification can be turned off with a Touch-Sensor (right).

For Communication WiFi and UDP-Networkprotocol was used.

The Repository contains code for:

  • Mainbox (ESP32, ILI9225 compatible Display, BMP280 Sensor)

  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor (ESP8266, BMP280 Sensor)

  • Washing Mashine Sensor (ESP8266, LDR Sensor)

  • Snail Mail Sensor (ESP8266, Reed Switch)

The Intention for this project was to learn new things, its not supposed to long time run. Check code thoroughly before use !