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These are my dotfiles. Take anything you want, but at your own risk.

It targets macOS, but since it has some defensive checks it should work on *nix as well (tested on a few Linux boxes).


On a sparkling fresh installation of OS X:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a
xcode-select --install

Install the dotfiles with Git:

git clone .files
source .files/

The dotfiles command

$ dotfiles help
Usage: dotfiles <command>

   help               This help message
   edit               Open dotfiles in default editor (subl) and Git GUI (stree)
   update             Update packages and pkg managers: OS X Applications, Homebrew
   macos              Apply macOS system defaults
   dock               Apply macOS Dock settings


You can put your custom settings, such as Git credentials in the system/.custom file which will be sourced from .zshrc automatically. This file is in .gitignore.

Alternatively, you can have an additional, personal dotfiles repo at ~/.extra.

  • The runcom .zshrc sources all ~/.extra/runcom/*.sh files.
  • The installer ( will run ~/.extra/

Additional resources


Many thanks to the dotfiles community and the creators of the incredibly useful tools.

This repository is a fork of webpro’s dotfiles repository.