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These are my dotfiles. Take anything you want, but at your own risk.

It targets macOS, but since it has some defensive checks it should work on *nix as well (tested on a few Linux boxes).


On a sparkling fresh installation of OS X:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a
xcode-select --install

Install the dotfiles with Git:

git clone .files
source .files/

The dotfiles command

$ dotfiles help
Usage: dotfiles <command>

   help               This help message
   update             Update packages and pkg managers: OS X Applications, Homebrew
   macos              Apply macOS system defaults
   dock               Apply macOS Dock settings

Additional resources

Don't do everthing possible in your dotfiles. Do things that scale.


Many thanks to the dotfiles community and the creators of the incredibly useful tools.

This repository is a fork of webpro's dotfiles repository.