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54 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonas Lochmann dd18b015f6
Update dependencies 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 212a2573c4
Update dependencies 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 6d593c53b2
Update rate-limiter-flexible 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 3248ab2b91
Update buildtools 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann d8d741ab28
Make mail code verification less strict 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 57030b7f91
Add deleting old families in the background 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 306bc0646f
Fix invalidating auth token when device reports uninstall 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 919b0e6984
Fix getting recently used devices 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann e6bc3c9a75
Add tool to delete old families 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 196afe8ed1
Sanitize mail addresses 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann df2cdab180
Remove old mail login API 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 249cf52971
Fix lint warnings 2 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann 5987583ca3
Add option to specify mail providers which are not supported 2 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann a7533b7864
Adjust for updated @types/lodash 2 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann 9ce95b7de7
Update dependencies 2 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann 4c6f1c0b9e
Chunk big or-clause when updating app activities 2 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann 1969fe4042
Add support for parent blocked times 2 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann 32d278bdd5
Remove sign in with Google account 3 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann adbd0b5a9d
Add mariadb module 3 months ago
  Jonas Lochmann 23ff30a1ed
Save manipulation details 3 months ago
  Jonas L f94f801663 Fix bugs 4 months ago
  Jonas L 61d34c88f8 Fix lint warnings 4 months ago
  Jonas L 1f8f713059 Update json schema generator 4 months ago
  Jonas L e70a80bf46 Update sequelize 4 months ago
  Jonas L 17058c375c Add new status message system 4 months ago
  Jonas L 95160b0558 Add config table 4 months ago
  Jonas L f617aebf1b Add API to get number of active sockets 4 months ago
  Jonas L 567c38271a Always mount admin router 4 months ago
  Jonas L 6dc1626911 Update libraries 4 months ago
  Jonas L f9ff4226a7 Fix lint warnings 4 months ago
  Jonas L 0efd728154 Add admin API 4 months ago
  Jonas L 067a53ee29 Increase rate limit 4 months ago
  Jonas L 03dfc9ad33 Fix getting server data status 5 months ago
  Jonas L 7cfed5ed4f Add action to configure category time warnings 5 months ago
  Jonas L 46af33f2cd Extend device status action for q or later 5 months ago
  Jonas L 65200e83c2 Send new fields to the client 5 months ago
  Jonas L 0d86dab5fe Add new database fields 5 months ago
  Jonas L eeeb27161c Increase push actions size again 6 months ago
  Jonas L a4b3d953b9 Increase push actions size limit 6 months ago
  Jonas L 67bb7d4b9c Delete app activities when deleting device 7 months ago
  Jonas L aa141c33a2 Get update app activities working 7 months ago
  Jonas L cd953319ce Fix reading server data status 7 months ago
  Jonas L bc310b9ef1 Send app activities to clients 7 months ago
  Jonas L 0af0ff961e Add new actions for activity level blocking 7 months ago
  Jonas L 7fb3f9fb5b Transmit activity level blocking setting value 7 months ago
  Jonas L 723f81e46f Add database migration for activity level blocking 7 months ago
  Jonas L 0e601995ec Add suport for accessibility service permission 7 months ago
  Jonas L b6f5edc976 Add support for ignoring overlay manipulation warning 7 months ago
  Jonas L 1270d74a70 Add overlay permission to update device status action 7 months ago
  Jonas L b591a07cf5 Send overlay permission status to the client 7 months ago