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TimeLimit Backdoor

To ensure that users don't lock out themself, there is a recovery mechanism - the backdoor. This backdoor is a 1024 Bit RSA key. While this is weak, it's good enough to prevent a simple user from getting the public key.

Why only 1024 Bit? The key is used to sign a nonce from the App (which should be unique for an installation). The signature must be entered by the user. Using a 1024 Bit key makes the signature relative small. Then, the App knows that the support authorized the unlock.

Why asymmetric cryptography? The App is Open Source. Using something else would allow someone else to build a unlocker tool. This prevents that. Using a server for that is no option because this should work offline/ without internet permission too.

This repository contains 3 scripts:

  • genkey.js to generate a keypair
  • printpublickey.js to output the key as hex string which can be copied to the App
  • sign.js to sign a nonce which allows to do a unlocking process in the App