145 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonas Lochmann a305527780
Allow server to tell the client that a mail provider is not supported 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 177a019cc7
Add privacy info for the connected mode 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 6dbb7579e8
Add option to show exception from the background task logic main loop 1 week ago
  Jonas Lochmann 422e823c29
Improve applying list of suspended apps 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 9cfe14fbaa
Whitelist GrantPermissionActivity 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 30783d3d2b
Skip setting suspended Apps if the list was not changed 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 338a695019
Fix suspending when the parent category is blocked 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann e4a8bd1d4b
Release 1.7.1 (direct version only) 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 09dbde910b
Show reason at AnnoyActivity 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 59c9a5f83b
Call setLockTaskPackages() at AnnoyActivity before calling startLockTask() 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann cc089b818c
Use swipe to dismiss on both directions in all lists 3 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 6fe379aa1a
Release 1.7.0 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 1ff5ab6575
Add option to annoy user after manipulation 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 31c49c8195
Fix syncing if new actions occur while the sync is in progress 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 03bd3a5100
Add option to block Apps at system level 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 3fbf598eb5
Allow disabling locking with the device owner permission 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 24710aa21e
Add time lock for parent users 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann eac11f92e7
Update source code url 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann a311663630
Update gradle 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 7f8de25f89
Release 1.6.3 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 70408dc4b0
Eventually fix crash at blocked time area screen 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann a55c5c594b
Improve handling if multiple dialers are installed 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 0f671a635c
Improve timing of allowed contact call 4 weeks ago
  Jonas Lochmann 583266fb69
Release 1.6.2 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 28b4130cbe
Eventually fix crash at blocked time area screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 0436e1c3f2
Fix showing worngly that the accessibility service was manipulated 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 72a2a4ec3b
Release 1.6.1 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 98dbd121ed
Add source code link to about screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann ce92d49fdb
Update libraries at the about screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 837f798b3e
Add fingerprint to about screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 2480e9feaf
Remove old strings 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 54b124cde9
Add alternative keyboard at the authentication screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 921393af1c
Release 1.6.0 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann a35cd1a8f9
Improve sign in at password recovery screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann eac335a020
Add some hints to the login screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 750854677e
Remove sign in with Google 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 697129a29e
Optimize imports 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann f824278f6d
Show more details about manipulations 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 632237a3d9
Change backdoor code chunck length 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann c0469a927d
Unlock device correctly from boot unlock screen when using the backdoor 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann e3674ed061
Add backdoor to unlock after manipulation screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann 3268f104eb
Add uninstall backdoor to the uninstall screen 1 month ago
  Jonas Lochmann b170d8a71f
Update buildtools 1 month ago
  Jonas L 025ba4c8d9 Release 1.5.1 2 months ago
  Jonas L de6887dbf7 Force users to read some messages 2 months ago
  Jonas L c22492f5dd Release 1.5.0 2 months ago
  Jonas L dc3c2a0023 Add contact whitelist 2 months ago
  Jonas L 5e694f0c1c Add new time picker mode 2 months ago
  Jonas L dc711f4c60 Release 1.4.1 2 months ago
  Jonas L b576f8f857 Update sign in screen layout + improve mail login 3 months ago