An early attempt at an irssi Matrix module. Very early alpha state.
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Matrix client module for Irssi

This is still an early work in progress. The module so far can:

  • define a Matrix connection (with some manual Irssi config editing)
  • connect to a Matrix server
  • authenticate using either a password or an existing access token
  • recognize joined rooms and create channel windows in Irssi for each
  • poll for new events
  • show some basic room events like joins, leaves and text messages
  • send basic text messages to rooms
  • ...and that's it



To build, use the usual autotools steps:

  • ./
  • ./configure
  • make && sudo make install


Due to how networks and servers work in Irssi, the way to define a Matrix connection is a bit peculiar:

  1. Load the module in Irssi
/load matrix
  1. Add a network definition manually in your irssi configuration, in "chatnets" section. Something like:
matrix_foo = { type = "matrix"; };
  1. Start Irssi and load the "matrix" module.
  2. Create a server in the added network, using your Matrix ID as server address.
/server add -network matrix_foo 0 secretpassword

...or, if you want to use access token from an existing Matrix login session...

/server add -network matrix_foo -access_token mysecrettoken
  1. Connect to the network, or to the server
/connect matrix_foo




I am "Ticho" on #irssi channel on Libera IRC network, or "" on Matrix.