Solve sudoku by creating rules.
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One of the most mechanical things about solving sudoku puzzles is manually choosing the values that are immediately implied as a consequence of risking/setting a cell. This app aims to alleviate this problem, by providing user with a language in which they can express a system of rules, from which autocompletions should be derived.

The system consists of a variety of constraints, such as alldifferent, one-of, and plain value elimination, which can be specified individually.


why not use a solver

This program isn't designed to solve puzzles for you. It isn't designed to ask for your help to solve anything either. It doesn't perform brute-force for you or impose any serious arc consistency. You are still in control of your own logic and victim of your own mistakes.



This is my first mobile application project, and I am being cautious about the language and features.


  • Android (apk)
flutter build apk --release --split-per-api
  • MacOS (app)
flutter create --platforms=windows,macos,linux .
flutter build macos --release
# find . -name "*.app"
  • Linux (appimage)
# requires appimagetool, appimage-builder
flutter create --platforms=windows,macos,linux .
flutter build linux --release
appimage-builder --skip-test


Feel free to request a feature, post a bug, or make a pr. But keep in mind that this is an early stage of development.



xmr XMR: 86tFFhT6hdUQAzcc2Za7i8ZggwQusf1ssgUNby2ApEvJDBodye8CQdJgXLaNMnun5YHm8im8MhnoK91XPWb99YdvDnfiYGZ