Simple JSON to Gopher script in node.js that allows a hugo json file to be server over a simple implementation of the Gopher protocol
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Reads a flat JSON file and makes it publishable as a gophermenu. The configuration options speak for themselves. Copy configuration.example to configuration.json.

Just a quick script. It should be better at some point.


  • add directories
  • add sorting

If you use Hugo as my intended purpose for this script, add JSON to your TOML configuration.

	home = ["HTML","RSS","JSON"]

And create a JSON output in your theme folder called index.json:

{{- $.Scratch.Add "index" slice -}}
{{- range .Site.RegularPages -}}
    {{- $.Scratch.Add "index" (dict "title" .Title "body" .Plain "id" .Permalink) -}}
{{- end -}}
{{- $.Scratch.Get "index" | jsonify -}}

The json format should be like this:

		"body": "Textual contents of item 1",
		"title": "Item 1",
		"uri": "/items/1"
		"body": "Textual contents of item 2",
		"title": "Item 2",
		"uri": "/items/2"

This removes a bit of formatting too agressively but alas.

LICENSE; Just give some attribution and do what you want with this.

Also let me know if you want me to check it out.