Library to handle a deck of cards
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Library that will create a deck of cards and shuffle it.

Two functions are included:

deck_init_dh: initialize a deck
deck_shuffle_dh: shuffle the deck
get_card_face: get the "face" of a card
get_card_suit: get the suit of a card

Detailed example usage can be seen in example-01.c and aa-pokerhands


  • meson (for the build system)


meson builddir
cd builddir

That will build the library, create the example-01 executable and then link to the library.


To specify the installation directory (defaults to /usr/local) and install the program:

From *builddir*: `meson configure --prefix=
ninja install

To uninstall:

ninja uninstall

Projects that use deckhandler

Using the library with other languages