Calc's Misskey fork
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Calckey logo

🌎 Calckey is an open source, decentralized social media platform that's free forever! 🚀

About Calckey

  • Calckey is based off of Misskey, a powerful microblogging server on ActivityPub with features such as emoji reactions, a customizable web ui, rich chatting, and much more!
  • Calckey adds many quality of life changes and bug fixes for users and instance admins alike.
  • Read this document all for current and future differences.
  • Notable differences:
    • Improved UI/UX, notifications, security, and more
    • Recommended Instances timeline
    • Many more user and admin settings

🥂 Links

📝 Documentation

  • Misskey documentation can be found on Misskey Hub
    • To make a new Calckey instance, read their documentation for building from source or using Docker, but replace their repo link ( with
  • API reference can be found on any Calckey instance's API doc page

🚚 Migrating from Misskey to Calckey

You need at least 🐢 NodeJS v16.15.0 (v18.4.0 recommended!) and exactly 🧶 Yarn v3.2.2!

Please don't use NodeJS v18.6.0, as it's known to cause problems.

📩 Install dependencies

# nvm install 18.4.0 && nvm alias default 18.4.0 && nvm use 18.4.0
corepack enable
yarn set version berry

👀 Get folder ready

git clone
cd calckey/
# git checkout main # if you want only stable versions
cp ../misskey/.config/default.yml ./.config/default.yml # replace `../misskey/` with misskey path, replace `default.yml` with `docker.yml` if you use docker
# cp -r ../misskey/files . # if you don't use object storage

💅 Customize

  • To add custom CSS for all users, edit ./custom/instance.css.
  • To add static assets (such as images for the splash screen), place them in the ./custom/ directory. They'll then be avaliable on https://yourinstance.tld/static-assets/filename.ext.

🚀 Build and launch!

git pull and run these steps to update Calckey in the future!

# git pull
yarn install # prepend `YARN_CHECKSUM_BEHAVIOR=update` if it doesn't work
NODE_ENV=production yarn run build && yarn run migrate
# Edit service to point to calckey folder and restart!

🐳 Docker

# git pull
sudo docker-compose build
sudo docker-compose stop && sudo docker-compose up -d