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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2015-2023 Tanguy Fardet
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
# doc/examples/groups_and_metagroups.py
""" Generation of multi-group networks containing metagroups """
import nngt
import nngt.generation as ng
import numpy as np
Make a mixed excitatory and inhibitory population, then subdived it in subgroups
num_neurons = 1000
pop = nngt.NeuralPop.exc_and_inhib(num_neurons)
# create two separated subgroups associated to two shapes where the neurons
# will be seeded
# we select 500 random nodes for the left group
left_nodes = np.random.choice([i for i in range(num_neurons)],
500, replace=False)
left = nngt.NeuralGroup(left_nodes, neuron_type=None) # here we first create...
pop.add_meta_group(left, "left") # ... then add
# right group is the complement
right_nodes = list(set(pop.ids).difference(left_nodes))
right = pop.create_meta_group(right_nodes, "right") # here both in one call
# create another pair of random metagroups
# we select 500 random nodes for the left group
group1 = pop.create_meta_group([i for i in range(500)], "g1")
group2 = pop.create_meta_group([i for i in range(500, num_neurons)], "g2")
We then create the shapes associated to the left and right groups and seed
the neurons accordingly in the network
left_shape = nngt.geometry.Shape.disk(300, (-300, 0))
right_shape = nngt.geometry.Shape.rectangle(800, 200, (300, 0))
left_pos = left_shape.seed_neurons(left.size)
right_pos = right_shape.seed_neurons(right.size)
# we order the positions according to the neuron ids
positions = np.empty((num_neurons, 2))
for i, p in zip(left_nodes, left_pos):
positions[i] = p
for i, p in zip(right_nodes, right_pos):
positions[i] = p
# create network from this population
net = nngt.Network(population=pop, positions=positions)
Access metagroups
Plot the graph
plt = None
# we plot the graph, setting the node shape from the left and right groups
# and the color from the neuronal type (exc. and inhib.)
nngt.plot.draw_network(net, nshape=[left, right], nsize=20,
if nngt.get_config("with_plot"):
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# further tests to make sure every configuration works
nngt.plot.draw_network(net, nshape=[left, right], show_environment=False,
max_nsize=20, simple_nodes=True)
nngt.plot.draw_network(net, nshape=["o" for _ in range(net.node_nb())],
show_environment=False, simple_nodes=True)
nngt.plot.draw_network(net, nshape=["o" for _ in range(net.node_nb())],
nngt.plot.draw_network(net, nshape="s", show_environment=False,
nngt.plot.draw_network(net, nshape="s", show_environment=False)
if nngt.get_config("with_plot"):