• v1.0.0 36ac884f57

    Silmathoron released this 2018-04-26 12:57:51 +00:00 | 143 commits to main since this release

    I think NNGT is now fully release ready, so this is officially 1.0.0.
    You can now install it from pipy using pip on any platform.


    • Updated documentation
    • Improved config
    • New load_from_file function
    • Added check for duplicated edges (in the newly added edges only) + empty edges addition in new_edges
    • Wrapped NEST functions to improve interactions (groups and network.nest_gids are now reset by nest.ResetKernel)
    • Support for non-scalar arguments in neuron_params when creating nest network
    • set_minis now take synaptic type into account (different call for mEPSCs/mIPSCs)
    • Improved graph libraries handling for new edges
    • Corrected "neighbout list" IO (errored)
    • Corrected database to work with peewee>=3
    • Corrected network plotting
    • Icreased testing
    • logging is always on a single MPI process
    • corrected mpi checker
  • v1.0-alpha 1b48e33c44

    Silmathoron released this 2018-01-19 17:01:54 +00:00 | 146 commits to main since this release

    New default backend, which does not require any additional graph library.
    Allows for fully distributed graph generation and storage to use with NEST on clusters.

    Full I/O is now available with shape and population included in the file.
    MPI-parallel I/O was also added.

    Gaussian-degree is now available for MPI generation, in addition to distance-rule, which now includes a Gaussian kernel.

  • v0.7.1 9dfd3ca8a0

    Silmathoron released this 2017-08-10 08:13:12 +00:00 | 155 commits to main since this release

    Corrected a wrong test that made groups only able to be either sources or targets but not both at the same time.

  • v0.7 04e236457e

    Silmathoron released this 2017-07-27 04:11:27 +00:00 | 156 commits to main since this release

    A lot of internal improvements have been added and the basic functions have been more thoroughly tested.

    • Improved plotting tools and analyses (added automatic binning + basic network drawing)
    • Better attributes handling
    • Additional correction to networkx, igraph and graph-tool handling
    • Shape is now saved in IO
    • Using logging
  • v0.6 223fb296b7

    Silmathoron released this 2017-05-21 22:00:19 +00:00 | 169 commits to main since this release

    With this new release, three main updates have been added:

    • support for custom network spatial structures through the geometry module, from the SENeC package PyNCulture. So far, edge distance is still computed as the simple distance between neurons, not taking potential obstacles into account.
    • multithreaded algorithms for fixed/gaussian_degree methods, as well as the distance_rule generator.
    • set_minis method to simulate synaptic noise from spontaneous release of neurotransmitters.

    Other improvements:

    • added logging
    • removed globals.py and moved features to lib
    • improved support for edge attributes (still a work in progress)
    • custom graph plotting with matplotlib (work inprogress)

    Planned improvements for next release:

    • support of all main graph formats for IO
    • full support of node and edge attributes
    • more complete tests for Travis
  • v0.5 6f0c2dcccb

    Silmathoron released this 2016-02-27 08:00:15 +00:00 | 382 commits to main since this release

    Further optimization of library support with direct inheritance of library graph objects by Graph and its subclasses (this means that networkx, igraph and graph-tool functions can now be used directly on Graph instances).
    The library now fully supports all python versions from 2.7 to 3.5 and continuous integration through Travis is on its way.
    New graph generators (fixed_degree, distance_rule) have also been added, as well as analysis functions to characterize the activity of the networks modeled with NEST.
    Eventually, basic graph IO has been implemented.

    Planned improvements for next release:

    • support of all main graph formats for IO
    • full support of node and edge attributes
    • more complete tests for Travis
  • v0.4 9737a6686a

    Silmathoron released this 2015-12-14 12:51:15 +00:00 | 439 commits to main since this release

    Here comes the 2nd release for my favorite debuggers ;)

  • v0.4a 946d92a350

    Silmathoron released this 2015-12-09 15:23:27 +00:00 | 456 commits to main since this release

    This is a first step for the NNGT package: it's going to be tested at that point, so though it's not ready yet, let's call it the first official non-released version... yeah!