• v2.5.0 552f04733d

    tfardet released this 2021-08-18 10:28:37 +00:00 | 28 commits to main since this release

    This new version adds support for NetworkX 2.6+, introduces a new network model, improves IO and plotting modules, and extends the list of functions that are supported by the default backend (if networkx, igraph, and graph-tool are not installed on the system).

    New features

    • sparse_clustered: it is now possible to generate sparse graphs with a desired clustering coefficient, this comes with an associated rewiring scheme (f45d0a9b)
    • support for GraphML file format (a9f8710d)
    • support for NetworkX 2.6+ (f4e5002e)


    • More efficient edge attribute access (speed and memory improvements, c8f29951)
    • Improved plots (color and size support for nodes and edges, visible arrows for directed networks..., 7f5340b8 & ccdd627f)
    • Add connectedness test with nngt default backend (d3979a15)


    Correct delete_edges for nngt backend that did not update the node degrees (b1ca08df).