• v2.1.0 154e8c46aa

    Silmathoron released this 2020-08-09 08:48:56 +00:00 | 90 commits to main since this release

    Version 2.1 further extends the normalized graph analysis methods with the addition of partial clustering coefficient for directed graphs.
    It also notably improves plotting and support of undirected networks.

    New features:

    • Added cycle, middleman, fan-in and fan-out clustering versions for directed graphs.


    • connect_* functions now return only the newly created edges when some edges are dropped due to ignore_invalid argument
    • make_spatial now works properly when only positions are provided during graph initialization.
    • improved graph drawings:
      • corrected restrict nodes
      • add restrict_edges
      • improved fast plot (markers)
      • add colorbar label
      • improved color support (html, vectors)


    • lattice_rewire now works for undirected networks for any number of edges (and not only when the edge number matches that of a regular lattice)
    • correct weight initialization with distributions and loading
    • Fixed the copy method:
      • correct initialization of edge attributes upon graph copy
      • solved issue with copy of undirected graphs becoming directed upon copy
      • use of copy is now forbidden with MPI