• v1.1.0 b4d74fb4f8

    Silmathoron released this 2018-11-23 14:33:58 +00:00 | 140 commits to main since this release

    This new version provides a working multithreading install on Windows, as well as several improvements and bugfixes.

    Breaking change: for interactions with NEST, the set_minis has been change to have independent weight for the noise.


    • Improved and corrected draw_network, plot_activity, and animation
    • IO now save and load properly the areas of a Shape


    • Corrected error in distance-rule with OpenMP
    • Corrected error in betweenness with igraph
    • Corrected neighbors with networkx
    • Fixed crash with sorting method


    • I realized that GitHub does not include the submodules in the release archives; starting now, I will also include the .tar.gz and .zip archives containing the same files as the corresponding version of NNGT on PyPi.
    • For installation, it is now recommended to install directly through pip.

    To install via pip, use either

    pip install --user nngt


    sudo pip install nngt