4 Tenacity 1.4
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This release agenda has not been finalized and is in the early stages of planning. This page is therefore subject to change without notice

Tenacity 1.4 is planned to be the next release of Tenacity succeeding all Tenacity 1.3.x releases.

New Features

  • Realtime effects support (#330)
  • Proper JACK support (#63)
    • May or may not be related to implementing experimental backends.


  • Possible license upgrade to GPL v3 or later, allowing for Tenacity to use various new libraries. THIS HAS NOT BEEN DECIDED UPON BETWEEN ALL MAINTAINERS AND MIGHT NOT EVEN BE A POSSIBILITY!
  • Toolbar layout changes:
    • Remove the device Toolbar, replacing it with something else
    • Redesign the selection toolbar.
    • Add a new project settings toolbar that contains sample rate, maybe latency, and maybe audio backend
  • Rewritten theme system
  • Experiment with new audio backends (e.g., direct JACK support).
  • Raise minimum dependencies to newer versions
    • libflac --> 1.3.0
    • wxWidgets 3.1.5 (maybe)
    • More to come...


  • Remove the screenshot tool. This tool has been rendered obsolete on all modern OSes, and it doesn't work on all platforms (most notably on Linux under Wayland).