13 Tenacity 1.3
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Tenacity 1.3 is the next release officially succeeding Saucedacity 1.2.1, Tencaity 0.1.0 alpha, and maybe Audacium 1.0.0 in spirit (@AnErrupTion is free to edit this page as they see fit). The release agenda is below.

Release status: stable.

Release Info Table

Note: This info table is incomplete.

Name Details
Release Date N/A
Derived From Saucedacity 1.3 alpha1
Platform availability Windows (x86, x64), Linux (x64), Haiku, FreeBSD

1In November 2022, Tenacity merged with Saucedacity. As a result, Saucedacity's codebase was recycled for development of Tenacity 1.3, with most things being ported from Tenacity's old codebase, now known as tenacity-legacy.

Minor Releases


Status: released. Notes: Fixes a crash while attempting to playback recorded audio.


Status: in development. Notes: More bug fixes are planned, including language fixes (#229), cursor fixes under Wayland (#35), improved libmatroska compatibility for versions < 1.7.0 (#233), Haiku build fixes (#244), a reworded file association message on Windows (#227), and an updated about dialog (#226).

Release Agenda

Important Changes

  • Our first release. Yay!
    • Saucedacity, Audacium, and Tenacity will have merged all into one, resulting in Tenacity 1.3.


From Audacity:

  • Smart clips
    • Clip titles
    • Clip trimming
  • Context menus in the track area and for clips

From Audacium:


  • Drop support for importing preferences from legacy Audacity 1.x versions. (Later versions, including the latest version, won't be affected). (#123)

  • Cleanup IPC code for Linux and other UNIX-based/UNIX-like systems.

    • It turns out that the new IPC implementation used a limited API. These changes have been reverted for now.

Platform Updates

  • Update vcpkg to use newer dependencies.
  • Fix vcpkg for all platforms.
  • Prepare Flatpak once again.
  • Add support for Haiku.


  • Drop an old custom file dialog widget.
  • Remove the help system. Update the help system.

Contemporary Items

Items listed here are only for contemporary and are intended to document the status of general tasks in Tenacity. They do not necessarily have a long term impact.

  • Update site