10 Saucedacity 1.2
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Saucedacity 1.2 is the 3rd and final release under the name "Saucedacity". It has the following changes:

  1. Dropped the 'IsSaucedacity' preference. This was...kind of useless anyways. [Done]

  2. Added a new theme to Saucedacity. This is based on Audacity's default theme. (Audacity's theme will still be kept). [Mostly Complete]

  3. Bug fixes (namely #22) and removal of old obsolete code

    • #20 - Done
    • #22 - Done
    • #28 (and related) - Done
  4. Beginning of separating our logic (e.g. audio processing) code from any reliance on wxWidgets. (This is still in progress)

Release Info Table

Name Value
Release Version 1.2
Release Date 2022-08-03
Audacity Version 3.0.41,2,3,4
Platform availability Windows (x86, x64), macOS (Intel), Linux (x64)

1It was planned to rebase off of Audacity 3.0.5, but this ultimately didn't happen.

2This includes a (cherry-picked) fix from Audacity 3.0.5, fixing an issue with possible data loss.

3We have expressed interest in merging parts of Tenacity into Saucedacity. This is currently under way, and our name will be changed once we have enough features merged.

4From here on out, we will no longer include this field in our release info tables.

Unplanned Changes

There were some unplanned changes that made their way into Saucedacity 1.2, but they are nevertheless still welcome:

  • We now use Tenacity's libmad instead of Audacity's. This reduces our use of Conan by one library (yes, it's not much). We plan to remove Conan in the future.

  • Saucedacity's preference directory on Linux has changed. It is now located in XDG_CONFIG_HOME/saucedacity (usually ~/.config/saucedacity) on Linux. **Windows users do not need to worry about this"*.


  • Saucedacity has been able to build macOS. Right now they no longer build due to a library change.

    • OS X 10.9 to OS X 10.11 are not believed to be supported as the minimum macOS SEK has been raised to 10.12. Thid is due to the use of uncaught_exceptions in lib-exceptions (where OS X 10.9-10.11 lack a proper definition in their standard library).

Build Changes

  • We can now build AppImages for Linux.
  • Windows ZIP files now include installers in addition to a Windows ZIP.