5 Saucedacity 1.1
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Saucedacity 1.1 is the 2nd release of Saucedacity, originally planned to succeed 1.0.1. However, Saucedacity 1.0.1 was cancelled after Saucedacity rebased on Audacity 3.0.3. Therefore, the Saucedacity 1.0.1 release was cancelled and Saucedacity 1.1 to be the successor to Saucedacity 1.0.

Release Info Table

Name Value
Release Version 1.1
Release Date 9/11 (See below)
Audacity Version 3.0.41
Platform availability Windows (x86 and x64) and Linux (x64, tar archive)

1Originally 3.0.3.

Release Info

The following features were implemented:

  • A new 'IsSaucedacity' preference is now set. This indicates if whether the read preferences were created by Saucedacity for not. If that preference is false, or if that preference doesn't exist, then a warning will appear describing how the read preferences might be incompatible in the future.

    • What's planned in the future is to ultimately introduce new preferences specific to Saucedacity. This is where this system will come in handy. Of course, feel free to discuss this in #2.
  • A new compile-time option named saucedacity_enable_legacy (=on|off) was introduced. Right now, this will only disable the ability to automatically convert projects from the project format used in Audacity 0.98 to 1.0 and LADSPA plugin support (LV2 plugins are unaffected, see below). By default, this will remain on, meaning enabled, but this might change in the future (again, feel free to discuss in #2).

    • As a side note, any existing CMake options prefixed with audacity will remain prefixed with that name. Any new options will be prefixed with saucedacity. This is in order to contrast the changes made between Audacity and Saucedacity.

    • It's planned to move several legacy features of Saucedacity under this monolithic option.

    • Compiling LADSPA plugin support has changed. The option -Daudacity_use_ladspa has been removed, as the majority of LADSPA plugins are outdated, old, or unmaintained (coming from Audacity's wiki page on LADSPA plugins itself, or possibly another Audacity wiki page). Therefore, LADSPA plugin support is considered a legacy feature in Saucedacity and will be migrated under this option. As stated before, LV2 plugins are unaffected and will remain supported.

9/11 Dedication

This version of Saucedacity is dedicated to all the victims (and their families), first responders, and to the survivors of the 9/11 terror attacks. We'd like to express our support for you guys since we know that you've dealt with so much. You've dealt with loss, physical and mental challenges, and many more things. Therefore, we'd like to dedicate this release in your honor.