4 Saucedacity 1.0.1
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Saucedacity 1.0.1 was a planned release. It was superseded by Saucedacity 1.1, which is currently in development.

The following features had been introduced (whether in part or in whole at this moment):

  • Old Audacity branding has been replaced with interim Saucedacity branding. The interim Saucedacity logos is licensed under CC0, essentially in the public domain. Additionally, the Saucedacity logo with text is available under a different license, CC BY 4.0.

There are some fixes that are yet to be fixed at this time:

  • #7: Plugins don't show up under 'Generate', 'Effects', or similar.

Why This Release was Cancelled

Audacity 3.0.3 was released on July 26, 2021. As such, this would mean a rebase off of the latest version of Audacity. As it was decided to rebase anyways, this would mean a move to Saucedacity 1.1, as this new rebase would mean new features taken from Audacity. Of course, any networking functionality has been removed.

All of the features originally planned for Saucedacity 1.0.1 have been moved to Saucedacity 1.1.