1 Saucedacity 1.0
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Saucedacity 1.0 was the first release of Saucedacity. This release does not differentiate from Audacity that much.


Branding in Saucedacity was quite immature at this point. The majority of Saucedacity 1.0 retained Audacity's branding, not a very good idea for a fork trying to develop its own identity (and legally). Only under 'Help' did you find a new 'About Saucedacity' option and did you find 'Saucedacity 1.0' in the about dialog.

Release Info Table

Name Value
Release Version 1.0
Release Date 7/11 (See below)
Audacity Version 3.0.3 alpha1
Platform availability Windows (x86 and x64) and Linux (x64, tar archive)

1Saucedacity originally forked off of Audacity's development code as it was on July 7, 2021. Saucedacity never rebased off of any later code until the 1.1 release (which had 2 rebases).

Release Info

The following things were removed:

  • Removed error reporting (inherited from Audacity).
  • Removed update capabilities (inherited from Audacity).

These were the only changes introduced in Saucedacity. Other than that, there were no other new features (not even branding changes)!

Windows Build Troubles

On Windows, Saucedacity would fail to start because of missing libraries. One would have to take the additional step of building these libraries manually or copying them from Conan's build folder (which was needed for wxWidgets). This issue is now resolved, which was likely caused in the first place due to name mismatches.

A similar issue happens on Linux, although this has largely been fixed as well. This was due to some dependencies being missing from the archive, although the 1.0 release archives have been updated to include the proper libraries. Now, with the issue fixed, those libraries should be automatically copied (to your CMake output in bin/[build type], build type being Release, Debug, or something similar).

Furthermore about the issue on Linux, a new run.sh script was included. This sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH to lib/audacity (lib/saucedacity in 1.1 and newer) in order for the appropriate libraries to be loaded. This was intended to be an aid to solving the issue of the release archives not working on Linux. The script still remains to this day as a way to make things easier for running the release archives for Linux.