1 Notes about the Saucedacity source code
Avery King edited this page 2022-04-19 08:13:56 -07:00

These are generic-pers0n's notes for the Saucedacity codebase. Despite me being the lead maintainer of Saucedacity, I'm ultimately learning more as we go. If you have some notes for me (or anyone) to use, feel free to edit this page. Editing is appreciated!


  • It appears we have our own custom FileDialog class, which is forked from wxWidgets's wxFileDialog class.

    • We could drop this since...what was the purpose of this originally? I don't know, so we should drop it. (This comes from audacium#52)
  • lib-exceptions appears to be a library full of exceptions (with the abstract exception class AudacityException).

    • We should move this. I feel like this should be apart of Saucedacity rather than in its own library. This can be moved into src/exceptions. Not only that, however, but all exceptions could be moved here.
  • Some typdefs are all over the place (namely Floats). There should be some SaucedacityCommon.h header that contains these common typedefs. Seriously, like, why should Floats be defined in 5 different headers?