2 FFmpeg Support in Tenacity
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We aim to target modern versions of FFmpeg, so we plan on dropping compatibility for FFmpeg 2.x and 3.x in the future. This would mean only supporting FFmpeg 4.x and 5. This change is intended for all platforms Tenacity runs on.

FFmpeg Support Status

As of Tenacity 1.3 alpha, FFmpeg support is currently working. You should use the most recent versions of FFmpeg if possible, but FFmpeg 3.4.x and higher should be supported. Older versions are not supported.

FFmpeg 5.0 was first supported in Tenacity 1.3 alpha. Staring in Tenacity 1.3.0-beta2-76-gac872f6de0, FFmpeg 6.0 is supported.

FFmpeg Support Lifecycle

This support lifecycle is effective after Tenacity 1.3 is officially released

Generally, we'll distribute the latest version of FFmpeg for users alongside releases of Tenacity. These releases will be the latest compatible major branch of FFmpeg.

Once a release hits beta status, they become locked to the latest compatible major branch of FFmpeg. If a new major branch of FFmpeg is released, it will not be supported except in the next release. For example, if FFmpeg 7.0 is released after Tenacity 1.4 hits beta, Tenacity 1.4 will not support FFmpeg 7.0, but future releases will.