2 Differences between Tenacity 1.3 and Tenacity 0.1.0
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There are several differences between Tenacity 1.3 alpha and Tenacity 0.1.0 alpha that exist. While the two look similar and are fundamentally the same under the hood, differences still exist. This page goes over many differences that exist between the two. While this page tries to be exhaustive, there may be some things missing.

End-User Changes

  • Several new editing features for clips have been added from Audacity 3.1, which include the following:
    • Clip titles
    • Clip resizing
  • Additional themes from Saucedacity and Audacium are present. Some of them have been modified to cover new UI elements.
  • Tenacity does not report itself as "Tenacity Audacity 3.0.2". It now reports itself as "Tenacity v1.3-XXXX-gXXXXXXX.

Codebase Differences

  • Tenacity 1.3 is based on Saucedacity's codebase. Saucedacity's codebase was recycled to restart Tenacity development on a more active codebase. Some changes from Tenacity have been ported over while others have yet to be ported over.

  • Tenacity 1.3 uses more of upstream's libraries, including lib-files, lib-registries, lib-components, etc. We expect to add more of these libraries in the future. Tenacity 0.1.0 alpha, on the other hand, only uses lib-strings, lib-string-utils, and lib-utility.

Dependency Differences

Note: both versions share mostly the same dependencies, but despite this, there are differences in required versions.

  • Tenacity 1.3 requires wxWidgets >= 3.1.3. Any older versions will NOT work. On the other hand, Tenacity 0.1.0 alpha is compatible with wxWidgets 3.0 but is not compatible with versions >= 3.1.6.

  • For 1.3, our vcpkg fork has been updated to include newer dependencies. Additionally, we now build against the latest version of wxWidgets in GitHub Actions for nightly builds. 0.1.0 alpha has older dependencies.

  • FFmpeg 5.x and 6.x are now supported. This is thanks to Audacity's lib-ffmpeg-support library. Tenacity 0.1.0 alpha does not support these newer versions.

    • FFmpeg 5.x support originally came in Saucedacity 1.3 alpha and was backported to 1.2.1. FFmpeg 6.x support was cherry-picked from upstream.