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    Tenacity 1.3 Beta Pre-Release

    generic-pers0n released this 2023-01-22 17:32:24 +00:00 | 577 commits to main since this release

    A day in Tenacity project history has been made: our very first beta release has been made! While we've had nightly builds out before, this marks our first release in a while, and it's a significant step forward.

    It took over a year to get to our first release. Since then, we've encountered many hardships as it's not easy maintaining software, especially an open source project. (We can definitely tell you that first hand ;). However, the most important thing we had as a project is the inherit perseverance: if one could not take the project through, they could easily fork it and continue the project in spirit. And that's why we're here: the natural perseverance of an open source project allowed us to carry these changes to a new codebase and restart development.

    Inspiration talk aside, we have a lot to go over this release, both in changelog and implications for other similar forks. First, we'll go over the release notes in order to get what's new out of the way.


    This changelog is going to be different from most because it depends where you're coming from. In order to keep our changelog short and simple as much as possible, we have some of the most common and important changes.

    • Saucedacity's codebase is now used instead of Tenacity's original codebase. It has been maintained and has had several crucial updates that keep it building and working on recent platforms.

    • The dark theme is now the default theme. We still have plenty of other themes, light, dark, or in between, available in Tenacity. We have 17 total themes, in fact!

    • Shadows have been removed from tracks. We're trying to make the UI more modern :P

    • On Windows, the modern file dialog is used. This should help with Tenacity blending in with dark mode better for those concerned about theming; relatedly, this will be an improvement if you simply liked the newer file dialog better (or a downgrade if you liked the old one better).

      • As a result of code cleanups, there is a new export options dialog that shows after the file dialog. This is similar to Audacium's implementation except that you can't change the format from the dialog.
    • Clip features from Audacity have been implemented. This includes clip handles, clip titles, and clip trimming. Simply drag a clip in the timeline to move it. Double click on its handle to rename it. Move your cursor to the edge of a clip and drag to trim it.

      • As a result of implementing these features, the timeshift tool has been removed in favor of clips. This tool has been made redundant because you can now move audio via a clip handle.

    Known Issues

    • Some links still point to Audacity resources, like the Audacity manual. Because we either don't have the resources yet or they are not mature enough, we haven't updated them. This will be resolved before the final release.

    • On Windows, LAME must be manually loaded. We intend to change this behavior so that LAME no longer needs to be loaded manually and is either enabled or disabled at compile time.

    Supported Platforms

    • Windows: Windows 7 and later, both 32-bit (if applicable) and 64-bit, are supported for now. For versions prior to Windows 10, you will need to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015-2022 redistributable for your appropriate architecture. If you are using the 32-bit version, install the 'x86' version. If you're using the 64-bit version, install the 'x64' version.

    • Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 or similar at minimum should work. The AppImage was built on Ubuntu 20.04 and works on Pop!_OS 22.04

      • Note that the final release will be distributed in the form of a Flatpak. The AppImage is only provided for convenience purposes. Additionally, we do not support building AppImages, but it is possible.
    • Haiku: While we don't have downloads for Haiku, Tenacity now builds on Haiku thanks to the work of @davidkaroly.


    Version shipped at the time of this release: 5.1.2

    Tenacity provides FFmpeg libraries for Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit, in case you want to use additional formats Tenacity doesn't natively support. These libraries are licensed under LGPL v3 (as per our configuration; GPL code is disabled).

    Our FFmpeg libraries will always be the latest version at the time a stable release is made. This means we ship the latest fixes and features from FFmpeg. However, because this is our very first release, we will provide these libraries as an initial Tenacity FFmpeg distribution.

    You are free to use these libraries in applications other than Tenacity, even in Audacity if you want to use newer FFmpeg libraries than what is provided for Audacity (which is 5.0.0, at the time of this writing). However, this is not a full distribution; it only includes libavformat, libavcodec, and libavutil. Additionally, we only support using these libraries with Tenacity and not in any other application (including Audacity).

    There is also no need to install these libraries. In Tenacity, go to Preferences > Library > FFmpeg Import/Export Library > Locate to point Tenacity to the downloaded location of the libraries.


    Thanks to everyone involved in the development of Tenacity, past, present, and future! Without your work, we wouldn't have made it here to our first beta.

    Enjoy! :)