• v1.2-devel1 20809681d5

    generic-pers0n released this 2022-04-20 15:26:22 +00:00 | 1160 commits to main since this release

    Today is 4/20 day, and yes, this seems like another coincidence to make official releases...well, kind of. I like how 4/20 is related to 420, and so I thought today would be kind of special.

    So it's been a while since Saucedacity 1.1 was released, and I thought it'd be a little nice to give you guys a preview of the latest stuff we have going on. Not too much has changed, but I have some ideas that I hope to execute later on.

    Below are attached binaries, all of which look very different than 1.1's release. Simply, these are artifacts from our GitHub Actions workflow. And yes, we got that up and working again! Better yet, Saucedacity 1.2 will be the first release of macOS to be (guaranteed to be) built for macOS Intel, but keep in mind that this is the very least I can do. I cannot test macOS releases because I don't have a Mac. Therefore, it should be noted that these binaries might not work. But should they work, Saucedcity should only work on macOS 10.12 or higher; OS X 10.9 to 10.11 will (or should) not work on Saucedacity. This is due to a lack of a required C++ feature on these platforms because of their age.

    Key Changes in This Release

    • Build options are now prefixed with saucedacity_ instead of audacity_
    • Dropped saucedacity_enable_legacy. saucedacity_use_ladspa is now available.
    • A new default theme has been introduced.

    Known Issues

    • FFmpeg exports are currently broken. See #22 for details. Hopefully this can get fixed by 1.2 stable, but this issue might be persistent through any betas.
    • Part of the track area can be cut off by a toolbar. See #20 for details. Again do I hope that this gets fixed by 1.2 stable, and once again, this might be persistent through any betas.

    Closing Words

    Again, I (or perhaps, we, I don't know at this point) am/are accepting contributions. I look forward to seeing what you guys might have to contribute! 😄

    Hopefully you guys like this build of Saucedacity. If something doesn't work, make an issue or discussion about it and we'll try to get it resolved as soon as possible.