We are the creators of Tenacity, the sparkling new, easy-to-use, FLOSS, cross-platform audio editor based on Audacity. We also work on several forks of audio processing libraries, including libmad and libid3tag.

fork of the libmad MP3 decoding library

Updated 2023-09-23 15:11:02 +00:00

fork of the libid3tag library for reading ID3 metadata tags from MP3 files

Updated 2023-09-23 15:03:43 +00:00

Tenacity is an easy-to-use, privacy-friendly, FLOSS, cross-platform multi-track audio editor for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems

Updated 2023-09-21 13:23:38 +00:00

C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS

Updated 2023-09-03 20:59:32 +00:00

Source code for tenacityaudio.org. Also the home of https://tenacityteam.codeberg.page/tenacityaudio.org for staging changes to the main website.

Updated 2023-08-15 14:47:53 +00:00

Tenacity's forked copy of libnyquist, originating from Tenacity itself

Updated 2023-08-06 17:49:11 +00:00

The home of the Tenacity Manual.

Updated 2023-07-27 04:31:46 +00:00

Portsmf is "Port Standard MIDI File", a cross-platform, C++ library for reading and writing Standard MIDI Files.

Updated 2023-05-16 01:14:03 +00:00

Repository for storing canonical versions of the Tenacity logos, art, and other assets.

Updated 2023-04-22 14:09:06 +00:00

Nightly Flatpak builds of Tenacity

Updated 2022-11-27 00:05:30 +00:00

The legacy codebase of Tenacity. See https://codeberg.org/tenacityteam/tenacity for the latest version of Tenacity with the new codebase.

Updated 2022-11-26 21:40:22 +00:00

Old Saucedacity repository containing history up to commit 405cd52, including previous versions.

Updated 2022-11-23 16:59:02 +00:00

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