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Teddit API

You can get JSON or RSS feed for subreddits and users by adding query parameters to the URL. For example:

You can get full size post images in the subreddit RSS feeds with a query parameter full_thumbs. For example:

In case you want the same JSON response what you get from the official Reddit API, you can get it from teddit API by adding query string &target=reddit. For example:

By adding raw_json=1 query parameter you can get raw JSON response (disables the encoding of <, >, and &). For example:

By adding mode=light query parameter the selftext_html key will be emptied, making the JSON/RSS significantly smaller.



After successfully setuping your instance, it's a good idea to add maxmemory and maxmemory-policy configs to your redis.conf. For example:

Edit redis.conf file and set maxmemory value suitable for your server (e.g. 75% of your total RAM):

# nano /etc/redis/redis.conf

Add this to the end of the file:

maxmemory 2gb

Also add maxmemory-policy:

maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru

Save and exit.

Restart redis:

# systemctl restart redis


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Disk usage

Note that teddit doesn't remove any cached media files (images & videos) from the server. For time being you have to manually delete files if you are running low disk space.

OAuth vs non-OAuth

In the config file config.js you can set the use_reddit_oauth key to true or false. If the key is set to true, teddit will use Reddit's API with OAuth (Reddit APP id reddit_app_id is needed in the config file). If it's set to false, teddit will use Reddit's API without OAuth (no Reddit APP id needed). Note: If you don't use Reddit OAuth, you might experience unexpected errors (rate limiting). The key is set to false by default.