alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy
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A free and open source alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy. Inspired by the Nitter project.

  • No JavaScript or ads
  • All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Reddit
  • Prevents Reddit from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
  • Unofficial API (RSS & JSON support, no rate limits or Reddit account required)
  • Lightweight (teddit frontpage: ~30 HTTP requests with ~270 KB of data downloaded vs. Reddit frontpage: ~190 requests with ~24 MB)
  • Self-hostable. Anyone can setup an instance. An instance can either use Reddit's API with or without OAuth (so Reddit API key is not necessarily needed).

Join the teddit discussion room on Matrix:

XMR: 832ogRwuoSs2JGYg7wJTqshidK7dErgNdfpenQ9dzMghNXQTJRby1xGbqC3gW3GAifRM9E84J91VdMZRjoSJ32nkAZnaCEj

Instances - Official instance

Community instances:

Instance Onion Link I2P Notes snoo.ioensistjs7wd746...onion
ibarajztopxnuhabfu7f...onion xugoqcf2pftm76vbznx4...i2p Operated by tedditfyn6idalzso5wam....onion http://teddit.i2p Operated by http://dawtyi5e2cfyfmoht...onion http://vzeiwzi7ogwl3i...b32.i2p Operated by qtpvyiaqhmwccx...onion/ For more similar hosted tools, see Operated by Operated by Part of the project Managed by jnuonmf2n36sfdmyksqq....onion Part of and hosted by Privex td.vernccvbvyi5qhfzyqen...onion td.vern.i2p Operated by yqu4yj5lju7bmlwpzpml...onion Operated by teddit.lpoaj7z2zkajuhgnlltp...onion Operated by 24fympskb....onion Operated by Operated by


Docker-compose method (production)

version: "3.8"


    container_name: teddit
    image: teddit/teddit:latest
      - USE_HELMET=true
      - USE_HELMET_HSTS=true
      - TRUST_PROXY=true
      - REDIS_HOST=teddit-redis
      - ""
      - teddit_net
      test: ["CMD", "wget" ,"--no-verbose", "--tries=1", "--spider", "http://localhost:8080/about"]
      interval: 1m
      timeout: 3s
      - teddit-redis

    container_name: teddit-redis
    image: redis:6.2.5-alpine
    command: redis-server
      - teddit_net


Note: This compose is made for a true "production" setup, and is made to be used to have teddit behind a reverse proxy, if you don't want that and prefer to directly access teddit via its port:

  • Change ports: - "" to ports: - "8080:8080"
  • Remove, USE_HELMET=true, USE_HELMET_HSTS=true, TRUST_PROXY=true

Docker-compose method (development)

git clone
cd teddit
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

Teddit should now be running at http://localhost:8080.

Docker image is available at

Environment Variables

The following variables may be set to customize your deployment at runtime.

Variable Description
domain Defines URL for Teddit to use (i.e. Defaults to
use_reddit_oauth Boolean If true, "reddit_app_id" must be set with your own Reddit app ID. If false, Teddit uses Reddit's public API. Defaults to false
cert_dir Defines location of certificates if using HTTPS (i.e. /home/teddit/le/live/ No trailing slash.
theme Automatically theme the user's browser experience. Options are auto, dark, sepia, or you can set white by setting the variable to empty ( '' ). Defaults to auto
flairs_enabled Enables the rendering of user and link flairs on Teddit. Defaults to true
highlight_controversial Enables controversial comments to be indicated by a typographical dagger (†). Defaults to true
api_enabled Teddit API feature. Might increase loads significantly on your instance. Defaults to true
api_force_https Force HTTPS to Teddit API permalinks (see #285). Defaults to false
video_enabled Enables video playback within Teddit. Defaults to true
redis_enabled Enables Redis caching. If disabled, does not allow for any caching of Reddit API calls. Defaults to true
redis_db Sets the redis DB name, if required
redis_host Sets the redis host location, if required. Defaults to
redis_password Sets the redis password, if required
redis_port Sets the redis port, if required. Defaults to 6379
ssl_port Sets the SSL port Teddit listens on. Defaults to 8088
nonssl_port Sets the non-SSL port Teddit listens on. Defaults to 8080
listen_address Sets the address Teddit listens for requests on. Defaults to
https_enabled Boolean Sets whether or not to enable HTTPS for Teddit. Defaults to false
redirect_http_to_https Boolean Sets whether to force redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. Defaults to false
redirect_www Boolean Redirects from www to non-www URL. For example, if true, Teddit will redirect to Defaults to false
use_compression Boolean If set to true, Teddit will use the [](Node.js compression middleware) to compress HTTP requests with deflate/gzip. Defaults to true
use_view_cache Boolean If this is set to true, view template compilation caching is enabled. Defaults to false
use_helmet Boolean Recommended to be true when using https. Defaults to false
use_helmet_hsts Boolean Recommended to be true when using https. Defaults to false
trust_proxy Boolean Enable trust_proxy if you are using a reverse proxy like nginx or traefik. Defaults to false
trust_proxy_address Location of trust_proxy. Defaults to
http_proxy Set http/https proxy to use for outgoing requests. See https-proxy-agent for details
nsfw_enabled Boolean Enable NSFW (over 18) content. If false, a warning is shown to the user before opening any NSFW post. When the NFSW content is disabled, NSFW posts are hidden from subreddits and from user page feeds. Note: Users can set this to true or false from their preferences. Defaults to true
videos_muted Boolean Automatically mute all videos in posts. Defaults to true
post_comments_sort Defines default sort preference. Options are confidence (default sorting option in Reddit), top, new, controversal, old, random, qa, live. Defaults to confidence
reddit_app_id If "use_reddit_oauth" config key is set to true, you have to obtain your Reddit app ID. For testing purposes it's okay to use this project's default app ID. Create your Reddit app here: Make sure to create an "installed app" type of app. Default is ABfYqdDc9qPh1w
domain_replacements Replacements for domains in outgoing links. Tuples with regular expressions to match, and replacement values. This is in addition to user-level configuration of privacyDomains. Defaults to []
cache_control Boolean If true, teddit will automatically remove all cached static files. Defaults to true
cache_control_interval How often the cache directory for static files is emptied (in hours). Default is every 24 hours. Requires cache_control to be true. Defaults to 24
suggested_subreddits Array of suggested subreddits, which are displayed in the top bar (if the user doesn't have any subscriptions) and in the cleaned home page. Defaults to Reddit's default suggested subreddits.


  1. Install Node.js.

  2. (Optional) Install redis-server.

    Highly recommended – it works as a cache for Reddit API calls.

  3. (Optional) Install ffmpeg.

    It's needed if you want to support videos.

    # Linux
    apt install redis-server ffmpeg
    # macOS
    brew install redis
  4. Clone and set up the repository.

    git clone
    cd teddit
    npm install --no-optional
    cp config.js.template config.js # edit the file to suit your environment
    npm start

Teddit should now be running at http://localhost:8080.

You can also run teddit from a process manager like pm2:

## To run:
npm install pm2 -g
pm2 start app.js 

## To run on startup:
pm2 startup
pm2 save

See also the pm2 instructions for running a project on startup, and in particular the section on waiting for your machine to connect to its network.