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P'eng bot

In the northern ocean there is a fish, called the k'un, I do not know how many thousand li in size. This k'un changes into a bird, called the p'eng. Its back is I do not know how many thousand li in breadth. When it is moved, it flies, its wings obscuring the sky like clouds.

When on a voyage, this bird prepares to start for the Southern Ocean, the Celestial Lake. And in the Records of Marvels we read that when the p'eng flies southwards, the water is smitten for a space of three thousand li around, while the bird itself mounts upon a great wind to a height of ninety thousand li, for a flight of six months' duration.

  • Chuang Tzu

An IRC bot written in Fennel.


$ make pengbot
$ ./pengbot 6667 my-pengbot "#pengbot" "#otherchan"

You can run it without ahead-of-time compilation, but this interferes with loading multiple versions of Fennel.

Note that this does not use TLS to connect; it should not be used with any sensitive data.

Commands are prefixed with a comma or can be addressed directly to the bot's nick.

Run ,help to get a list of commands. The main commands are:

  • ,set TERM DEFINITION: store a term and its definition
  • ,get TERM: retrieve a term's definition
  • ,forget TERM: delete a term's definition
  • ,eval FORM: evaluate a piece of Fennel code and print return value
  • ,compile FORM: print the output from compiling a piece of code
  • ,multi-eval VERSION FORM: run a piece of code in a specific Fennel version
  • ,multi-compile VERSION FORM: compile in a specific Fennel version
  • ,versions: list available versions of Fennel
  • ,reinit VERSION: reset environment for a specific Fennel version

Stores dictionary data (from set command) in the data/ directory that it's launched from. No limits are in place to prevent it from filling up the disk yet, so disable that command if you're worried.

Requirements: Lua 5.1+ and luasocket.


Copyright © 2018-2022 Phil Hagelberg and contributors

Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later; see file LICENSE.